Ebook of "John the Angelic" - Volume I: Online and Available for Purchase on Amazon Kindle

Volume I of John the Angelic has been online and available on Kindle at amazon.com since December 30, 2014. The first volume introduces the trilogy’s central character, Joan, a brilliant, willful young woman from Mainz, Germany, who disguises her identity to become Pope in the years following Charlemagne’s death. The book chronicles the savagery of the ninth century, detailing Joan’s personal struggle to choose between the man she loves and the Church that has no place for her in its ranks. Volume I also summons forth the historical enigma of Socrates, perhaps the most polarizing and least understood figure of antiquity, showing through his eyes the world of ancient Greece and its relationship to the famed philosopher, European history’s first cultural “deviant.” The book explores the fascinating borders between myth and history, and the imperial intrigue muddying them both.