I was born in 1957 and grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois. I currently live in Hawaii with my wife and our twin girls. I wrote my first story when I was six years old, and have been at it ever since. My love of philosophy, postmodernism, and especially European literature, cinema, and history has informed my writing since the early 1980s. Russian and New German Cinema dating from the 1960s through the 1980s revolutionized the way I thought about narrative and its powers of expression when it engages all the senses and faculties. I realized then that reading a story and experiencing it are vastly different things, requiring not only more of the writing itself but also visual aspects of narrative not usually present on the printed page.

I have had poetry published in The Iowa Review and am presently in the process of editing successive volumes of John the Angelic for publication in the near future. I am also beginning the sextet’s second trilogy, The Annihilating Hero. As a lifelong writer and lover of prose and poetry, I have always been most drawn to those works of art that are able to engage as many of my senses as possible. I encourage and would welcome comments or feedback on Volume I from anyone who feels so inclined to contact me